Call for Applications: Nobellum Innovator Program 2024 for Startups

Nobellum Innovator Program 2024 for Startups


A key component of Nobellum’s five-year objective to assist in the establishment of at least 100 Black-owned firms in STEM fields by 2025 is the Nobellum Innovator Program.

The Nobellum Innovator Program is a key initiative driving Nobellum’s ambitious 5-year goal. Here’s a deeper look at how the program contributes to this objective:

  1. Nobellum’s Mission: Support the launch and growth of Black-owned businesses in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).
  2. 5-Year Goal: Nobellum aims to empower at least 100 Black entrepreneurs in STEM by 2025.
  3. The Nobellum Innovator Program: This program serves as a crucial tool for achieving this goal. It provides aspiring Black founders with the resources and guidance they need to turn their STEM-based business ideas into successful ventures.

By equipping Black entrepreneurs with the necessary training, mentorship, and connections, the Nobellum Innovator Program plays a central role in helping Nobellum reach its target of 100 new STEM-focused Black-owned businesses within the next few years.

In order to ensure that their business strategy is disruptive and sustainable, over 100 up-and-coming startups from all over the world will be trained and developed by this hybrid accelerator.

The Innovator Program would foster an environment that honors inclusive greatness and provide Black students with opportunities to engage in innovation, entrepreneurship, and STEM fields.

The program helps you build a business in STEM, no matter what your background or experience is. Whether you are interested in technology, biotechnology, healthcare, engineering, environmental sciences, or any other STEM-related field, you will find a supportive and diverse community of founders at Nobellum. Join them and discover the opportunities of creating a STEM-based venture.

Build Your STEM Dream, No Matter Where You Come From:


The Nobellum Innovator Program is open to aspiring Black entrepreneurs from all backgrounds and experience levels. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a fresh-faced graduate, this program is designed to equip you with the tools and support you need to launch your STEM-based business idea.

Embrace the Spectrum of STEM:


Do you have a revolutionary idea in biotechnology or a groundbreaking solution in environmental sciences? Perhaps you’re passionate about developing the next big thing in healthcare or engineering. The Nobellum Innovator Program welcomes innovators across the entire spectrum of STEM fields. No matter your specific area of interest, you’ll find a supportive community and valuable resources to help you navigate the exciting world of building a STEM venture.

Find Your Tribe and Thrive:


The Nobellum program fosters a diverse and collaborative environment where you’ll connect with other inspiring Black founders. Learn from each other’s experiences, share challenges and triumphs, and build a network of like-minded individuals who will support you on your entrepreneurial journey.

Join the Movement and Make a Difference:


The Nobellum Innovator Program is more than just a business incubator; it’s a movement to empower Black excellence in STEM. By participating, you’ll not only gain the knowledge and skills to turn your dream into reality, but you’ll also be contributing to a larger mission of creating a more inclusive and innovative future.

Ready to unlock your potential and make a lasting impact? Visit the Nobellum Innovator Program website today to learn more and apply!

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  1. Lead applicant must identify as Black.
  2. The lead applicant must be a co-founder in the company.
  3. The Business model must utilize Science, Technology, Engineering or Math.
  4. A company must identify as a pre-seed (Idea) or seed (Growth) Startup.



  1. Participants in the Nobellum Innovator Program benefit from a range of resources and support. This includes access to free conference tickets, booting opportunities, and access to facilities, among other perks.
  2. The program offers training, workshops, mentorship and guidance from experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts. Participants also have the opportunity to access funding and investment opportunities through pitch events and networking connections.

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Deadline: 30th of June

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