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If you’re seriously searching for a paid internship, this message is for you.

Dear friends,

Are you desperately searching for a paid internship but can’t seem to get hold of one? Now there’s a real chance your search could be over soon.

Here’s why:

You see, a few years ago when we started Dixcover Hub, the goal was simple:

To help young African youths get closer to their dreams one application at a time.

While some folks easily found success, many sent us messages:

No matter how much they applied, they weren’t just getting any interviews.

That’s really frustrating.

But after much interaction with them, we discovered one truth: *Many of them carry old-styled shitty CVs. Un-lookable CVs.

That’s a little surprising because you know, the least you’d expect from anyone serious about getting a job is to have a decent CV.

Well, that was when we decided to create a CV template that’s simple, intuitive, and modern.

Anyone, anywhere can use the template to create a masterpiece CV for themselves.

And then we put it out here for N2,000.

The response was overwhelming. First week alone over 1,000 people got it. (In truth, that wasn’t expected)

Know what became even more overwhelming?

The people who bought the CV template started calling for a Cover Letter template.

One guy, Nnamdi wrote us:

“ …Was wondering if you could draft a Cover Letter Template as well. The CV template is the best and most simple to use I’ve seen so far…”

Another, Favour:

“…Please can we get a Cover Letter Template to go with the CV template?…”

And so many others…

But here’s the thing, creating a cover letter template is not as easy as creating a CV template.

You can have a general CV template for every profession and it’ll work just fine.

You can’t for a Cover Letter template.

The role you’re applying for determines what goes into your cover letter.

So, it means that if we’re to create a cover letter template, we have to create one each for every profession.

Daunting. We dismissed the idea!

But the call for a cover letter won’t stop coming. Almost everyone who got the CV template wants a cover letter to go with it.

So, one morning in January of this year, I called the team and said:

“Know what, let’s do it. Let’s create cover letter templates.”

So we went hard to work.

And today, 3 months later, we’re happy to announce that we’ve created incredible cover letter templates for 15 different internship roles. Namely:

– UI/UX Internship

– Data science Internship

– Frontend Internship

– Backend Internship

– Product Design/Mgmt Internship

– Social Media Mgmt Internship

– Graphics Design Internship

– Software Engineering Internship

– Writing Internship

– Content Creation Internship

– Data Entry Internship

– Fullstack Dev Internship

– Customer Support Internship

– Executive Assistant

– Digital Marketing Internship


So, if you’re searching for a paid internship in any of the above roles, get these templates.

All you need to do is pull out the template of the role you want to apply for, edit in your bio, and voila…

Now listen!

Getting a paid internship is now almost as hard as getting a senior role. But here’s the thing, the expectations are lower for internships.

If your CV is well done and your cover letter comfortably presents rock-solid reasons why you should be hired, you’ve got a big chance.

These templates take care of it all.

Each of them presents rock-solid, out-of-the-book arguments why you should be hired.

Here’s the deal:

For the next 3 days, you can have all the cover letter templates and CV templates for what we initially sold only the CV template.


Yes, for the next 3 days only. After which the price will be rightfully doubled.

Get it here:

PS: Have any inquiries? Chat us up at: +234 9122595292

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