Call for Applications: Brave Redemptive Fellowship Program 2024 | Fully-funded

Call for Applications: Brave Redemptive Fellowship Program 2024 | Fully-funded

Are you a Christian software engineer, product designer, or innovator? Apply now to the Brave Redemptive Fellowship Program 2024.

They invite you to help shape the future of technology, design, and entrepreneurship through a redemptive lens.

You will develop the skills, mindset, and ethos necessary to transform culture, lead innovations, cultivate a thriving community, and embrace curiosity in your pursuit of a redemptive impact on the world.

The program phases are:

  • Phase 1 (6 months): Through an intensive 6-month training phase, fellows deepen their expertise in software engineering or product design while grounding themselves in a redemptive theology of work, innovation, business, and leadership. Plus practical work readiness workshops and ongoing mentorship.
  • Phase 2 (3 months): A 3-month venture incubation or high-impact internship completes the journey – equipping fellows as outstanding builders, ready to create sustainable solutions that breathe life into communities.


  • Fellows on a venture-pathway option will be placed into a 3-month venture building guided by expert EIRs.
  • Fellows on a job-pathway option will be placed into 3-month internship roles in companies globally.
  • Each fellow will be matched with a top redemptive tech/entrepreneurial leader for regular 1:1s.


  • Open to driven software engineers, product designers,s or innovators (exceptions may apply).
  • A believer with a purpose-driven approach to life.
  • A cerebral thinker with superior cognitive capacities.
  • Enjoys multiple hobbies, particularly obscure and unique ones.
  • Demonstrates agency in various scenarios.
  • Strong problem-solving skills.
  • Exhibits multiple intelligences according to Howard Gardner’s theory.
  • Demonstrates the ability to commit to the process.
  • Age range: 18-26 (exceptions in rare cases).

Deadline: July 10, 2024

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